WE ARE OPEN BUSINESS!!!!  As of March 28th/2020 you will need to phone or email your

order to us. Payment options can be visa, mastercard or e-transfer. Let us know when you

are at our store and we will place the product outside the door for curbside pickup.



Hello All,


One of my Wine Kit Manufacturers, Vineco is going through a huge brand change. 

Let me first off say this is a good thing!!!  All the new brands are of better quality, better aromas, flavour, color,

characteristics!  Vineco invested a lot of time and money in their packaging equipment to reduce the

amount of liquid in the box, eliminating the amount of water that was put in the with concentrate. This

will reduce shipping costs. Boxes will be easier to lift. Everything will still make 23L.

The new line up will have all brand new packaging which is vibrant, colorful and will attract more



All of the current brands I carry from them:  Cellarcraft Showcase, Cellarcraft Sterling, Atmosphere,

Legacy, Cheeky Monkey, California Connoisseur are gone.



In their place is a reformatted line up consisting of 4 different levels of kits.

Signature Series( which replaces Cellarcraft Showcase, which was a 16L with grapeskins) will now be a

14L with skins.  



Estate Series( which replaces Legacy – 6week 16L)  is now a 10L.  

Original Series(which replaces Cheeky Monkey – 4 week 10L) is now an 8L.

On the House(which replaces California Connoisseur – 4 week 7.5L) is now a 6L

Signature, Estate and Original kits will be region specific grapes.


We did lose some varieties, but we gained a number of new ones!!!



Niagara Mist remains the same, Stone fruit and Pineapple Ginger discontinued. Cranberry Grapefruit

was added.

I will have available a substitution list at the store and I can email it as well if anyone would like it. It has

what you were buying before and what the sub would be in the new line up.

Pricing will be very similar to what you were buying before.


New product line ups will be available  towards the end of April.  I will have new brochures as they

become available.

Current stock of existing products will be available until it runs out.

Any questions , please feel free to ask!!





Estate Brewing













Hey Everyone!!!



That time of year for the Spring Release of our delicious Niagara Mist 4 week wine kits.



These will be available March 9th.



This year there will be 1 variety added to the regular rotation and 2 Limited Release.

Cranberry Grapefruit ( regular line up) 71.95



Limited Release


The following 2 are a preorder / prepay by Feb 29th.

Blackberry/Peach/Elderflower – 74.95 (comes with labels)



Green Apple/Kiwi/Pear – 74.95 (comes with labels)



Quantities are limited on the limited releases. Order ASAP!!



Interested in our U Brew service? Contact us today.



 No time to make your own, let us make it for you!!!  Our U brew concept will allow you to enjoy your


favorite beverage in as little as 5 weeks.  No effort required, we do the process for you in store.                      


All you do is add the yeast and then bottle.





Estate Brewing











We can make the wine,beer or cider for you in store,

add the yeast and then bottle, we do everything in between. 

Use our equipment instead of doing it at home. Still very

cost effective to have us do it for you, instead of buying your

wine or beer. Call or email for more details.

Need  a unique gift for that someone special!!?? Someone hard to buy for. Let us make the wine or beer for them.

Give them a bottle or case of your very own wine or beer or cider that you made!!!