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Hey Everyone!!!

More exciting seasonal wine kits to order. The Global Passport Series is back again for 2022-2023 season.
Attached below is all the info and pricing for the wine kits. These are 6-8 week HIGH END premium quality wines from around the world.
Only available once a year, then they are gone. It is a preorder and prepay by Saturday November 12th.

This year we will be offering multi kit discounts: buy 2-3 kits get $10 off each one, buy 4 kits get $15 off each one.

  • December Release – 159.95
  • January Release – 149.95
  • February Release – 159.95
  • March Release – 169.95(Comes with grape skins!!)


Also available this fall will be a new addition to the regular line up in the Signature Series(6-8 week kit) is a Shiraz from Australia!!!(comes with grapeskins)

Remember!!! Anniversary Sale Oct 11th to 15th. Everything 25% off the regular price.(excludes u brew fee, seasonal products, can not be combined with other discounts)

PS – We are now back to regular business hours:
Monday to Friday 10 am to 5:30pm
Saturday 10am to 5pm

Estate Brewing


We can make the wine,beer or cider for you in store, add the yeast and then bottle, we do everything in between.

Use our equipment instead of doing it at home. Still very cost effective to have us do it for you, instead of buying your wine or beer. Call or email for more details.

Need a unique gift for that someone special!!?? Someone hard to buy for. Let us make the wine or beer for them.

Give them a bottle or case of your very own wine or beer or cider that you made!!!