We can make the wine or beer for you in store!!.  You come

add the yeast and then bottle, we do everything in between. 

Use our equipment instead of doing it at home. Still very

cost effective to have us do it for you, instead of buying your

wine or beer. Call or email for more details.


Seasonal Festa Brew Cervesa coming soon!

Limited amount available,


We’re excited to release our next summer seasonal wort: “Mexican Cerveza”. The finished beer has the following
tasting notes: “Pours clear light golden colour, with a medium white head. The nose is of mild malt with a hint of
floral and citrus. The organic Wakatu hops gently temper this full malt lager with notes of citrus to the forefront.
Clean and crisp to finish. Perfect on a patio or your back deck.”

Original Gravity: 1.042
Terminal Gravity: 1.009
Colour: 4.29 SRM
Bitterness: 11.8 IBU
Alcohol: 4.3% by volume




Seasonal Festa Brew Czech Pilsner in stock!!

Limited amount available,

This full bodied and rich Czech/Bohemian style pilsner pours medium straw in colour and crystal
clear with a linen white dense foam which leaves a delicate lacing down your glass. Taste is a little more hoppy
than the nose. It has a grassy and floral hops flavour with a nice lingering mild spice finish.”

Original Gravity: 1.045
Terminal Gravity: 1.010
Colour: 5.67 SRM
Bitterness: 39.5 IBU
Alcohol: 4.6% by volume