Liquor Essences

Make 23L of hard alcohol with just Super Yeast, sugar and water. Add the 20ml flavouring bottles to 26ozs of the alcohol base.

Liqueur Additives

Super Yeast 20%

Super Yeast Extreme 23%

Super Yeast Moonshiner 13%

Super Yeast Rum 12%

Super Yeast Vodka 15%

Super Yeast Whiskey 15%

Liquid Glucose

Rootbeer Extract

Liquid Carbon

Dry Carbon

Carbon Snake


Spirit Flavourings

Prod # Description Qty
21-0240 Dark Jamaican Rum 20 ml
21-0250 White Caribbean Rum
21-0260 Canadian Rye Whiskey
21-0300 Scotch Whiskey
21-0360 Southern Whiskey
21-0350 Bourbon Whiskey
21-0355 Bourbon Whiskey (Jack Daniels)
21-0123 London Gin
21-0131 Vodka
21-0370 Malt Whiskey


Liquor Flavourings

Prod # Description Qty
21-0100 Amaretto 20 ml
21-0105 Anisette
21-0115 Spiced Rum
21-0110 Apricot Brandy
21-0130 Coconut Rum Styled after Malibu
21-0150 Creme de Menthe
21-0160 Scotch Honey Whiskey Styled after Drambula
21-0170 Hazel Nut Styled after Frangelico
21-0180 Italiano Styled after Galliano
21-0117 Jagerbitter Schnapps
21-0190 Orange Brandy Styled after Grand Marnier
21-0200 Irish Creme Styled after Baileys
21-0210 Mexican Coffee Styled after Kahlua
21-0270 Peach Schnapps
21-0520 Sambuca
21-0310 Swiss Chocolate Almond
21-0320 Caribean Coffee Tia Maria
21-0171 Strawberry Cream
21-0121 Cinnamon Gold Schnapps
21-0330 Triple Sec

4L Liquor Quik Kit

Makes 4L of Liquor

Mini starter pkg needed(sold separately. 

Apricot Brandy
Cherry Brandy
Chocolate Mint
Cinnamon Whiskey
Coconut Rum
Hazelnut Brandy
Honey Mead Liquor
Irish Cream
Jakbitter Liquor
Mexican Coffee
Orange Brandy
Peach Schnapps
Peppermint Schnapps
Scottish Whiskey
Southern Whiskey
Spiced Apple Brandy
Swiss Chocolate Almond