23L Pure Chilean Juice

Red Varietals


Shiraz A favourite of many winemakers for its concentrated
red berry fruit and spice character. Superb with Prime Rib or
Beef Tenderloin.

Pinot Noir The king of red Burgundian grapes produces a
medium to full-bodied wine with red fruit and earthy flavours
that are sure to please.

Merlot Classically elegant with a ripe plum, red berry
and spice profile. Approachable in youth, its wines will
also age gracefully.

Cabernet Franc Produces wine in a crisp, medium-bodied
style with enticing aromas of red currant, raspberry and herbs.

Cabernet Sauvignon With a flavour profile of cassis, cedar,
peppercorn and mint, it produces a sophisticated wine in a variety
of styles from medium to full-bodied with an ability to age.

Montepulciano Produces medium to full-bodied wine
known best for its full bouquet of ripe red berries, red plum
and spice.

Zinfandel Produces a wine that’s always brimming with
spicy flavours of ripe dark cherries, cassis and blackberry.

Ruby Cabernet This popular varietal is a favourite with
those who enjoy medium-bodied reds with a clean fruit
character in an easy drinking youthful style. Aromas of red
cherry, fresh raspberry and strawberry.

Grenache Produces pleasant, refreshing medium to fullbodied
red wines. A favourite of home winemakers everywhere.
Barbera Produces wine with a long finish and balanced
tannins. Superb on its own and also suitable for blending with
other Italian-style reds.

Carignan A classic grape in home winemaking valued for its
ability to produce mouth filling, dry red wine. Perfect with
barbequed meats, including spicy sausages.

Alicante Prized for its deep coloured wine, subtle flavour
profile and full mouthfeel, this is one of the all-time favourite
home winemaking grapes.

Festa Red Our popular in-house blend combines quality red
vinifera varieties in varying proportions to produce wine of
character and finesse.

White & Blush Varietals


Chardonnay  flavours of apple, pear, tropical fruit and
butter provide its wine with depth, superb balance and an
elegant bouquet.

Pinot Grigio Well known for its ability to produce soft, yet
refreshing medium to full-bodied wine with fine aromatic notes of
pear, honey and melon.

Sauvignon Blanc Valued as a grape capable of producing
intensely flavoured white wine with elegant aromas of grapefruit,
gooseberry and herbs, Sauvignon Blanc deserves its status as one
of the world’s finest white grape varieties.

Riesling A crisp and clean tasting wine, it is a perennial favourite.
Riesling is known for its upfront floral, peach and honey nose.
Chenin Blanc A grape respected for its ability to produce wine
with a captivating profile of green apple, honey, melon and straw
with crisp cleansing acidity.

French Colombard Delicately flavoured wine with lively and
pleasing acidity. Much sought after by those who prefer an elegant
and versatile white wine.

Moscato Easily identifiable by its flowery and grapey nose,
Moscato is truly one of the all-time favourite grapes among home
winemakers. Our version finishes dry.

Thompson Seedless A light-bodied, low acid grape for blending
and producing stand-alone, well balanced and easy drinking white
wine. It is renowned as a neutral addition to many blends.

Palomino Superb on its own as a soft and easily approachable
white wine. It’s also an excellent blending grape as its flavours
assimilate readily with those of the wine it is combined with.

Festa White A blend of several noble white vinifera varieties in
varying proportions guarantees the home winemaker an elegantly
balanced white wine exhibiting finesse and character.

Blush Chardonnay Produced from a rare and prized pink-berried
mutation of its white brethren, our distinctive Blush Chardonnay is
everything our white Chardonnay is with the added attraction of its
delicate pink hue.

White Zinfandel Delicate crushing with very limited skin
contact enable the red Zinfandel grape to produce a pink-hued
wine with plenty of aromatic intrigue, red berry flavour and fresh
apple nuances.