PASSPORT SERIES 2019 Limited Edition 6 Week 16L Wine Kit!

Unique varieties, not to be missed!!!

All 4 varieties come with labels.

Deadline to order is Nov 16th, call today to reserve yours!!

Merlot Cabernet Franc – California (DECEMBER)

This blend of Merlot and Cabernet Franc offers a balanced soft rustic profile. Merlot stands as the fruit forward backbone of the wine, while the aromatic Cabernet Franc rounds out the blend with soft spices and herbal notes. On the nose and palate, this wine offers plum, red and black berries and dark cherry fruit notes, with underlying woody smoke, herbal spice and soft tannins.

Known for its Bordeaux style wines, Paso Robles dedicates over half their vines to Bordeaux varieties including Merlot and Cabernet Franc. Spanning over 614,000 acres it is California’s largest AVA. Paso Robles is unique as it holds three key factors to ripening grapes with refreshing acidity; diverse soil found in varying elevations, hot days and cooler nights, and varying rainfall levels combine to create the perfect environment for brilliantly defined wines.

The tannins in this blend open it up to a variety of food pairings. Enjoy with lightly herbed pork loin roast with fresh sage, thyme and rosemary or try a mushroom risotto, rosemary lamb or a variety of meat casseroles and pies.

  • OAKYes
  • BODYMedium


West Coast White – California/ Washington/ Oregon (January)

The perfect trio of Chardonnay, Riesling and Pinot Gris, create this off-dry, medium bodied white wine. Fresh aromas of orchard fruit and delicate honey rise from the glass, while the palate sings with lively pineapple, lemon and stone fruit flavours combined with hints of apple, pear and honey. The zesty acidity in this wine balances the slight sweetness perfectly.

Just east of San Francisco Bay rests Lodi California. Basking in a Mediterranean climate, Chardonnay grapes grow plump during the warm days and cool nights, maintaining refreshing acidity. Pinot Gris from Oregon’s Willamette Valley are protected from over-ripening by the cool nights while the valley offers mild, warm and sunny days for the grapes. The most northern of the three, Yakima Valley in Washington, is home to the oldest agricultural region in the state. Here, Riesling, one of the state’s most widely planted varieties, benefits from limited rainfall in the growing season creating crisp, fruit forward wines.

Pair this blend with lighter meats and fresh vegetables, perhaps linguini and grilled vegetables with shrimp in a light cream sauce. Sushi and lightly spiced Asian dishes and cheeses such as Brie, Camembert, and Gruyère complement this wine beautifully.



Malbec Garnacha Syrah – Argentina / Spain (February)

A marriage of Argentina and Spain brings you a full-bodied wine rich in aromas of dark berries with nuances of licorice and chocolate. Balanced and full with soft tannins, a palate of ripe black and blue berries are complemented with spice of black and white pepper, creating a finish that is long and pleasing.

Mendoza, Argentina and Valencia, Spain share similar growing conditions; hot dry summer days that create the perfect environment for full ripening with cooler nights to provide a much needed break from the daytime heat. Both located at higher elevations, Mendoza is a high flat dessert like plain (2000-3600 ft.), and Valencia is a more mountainous region (400 – 3600 ft.). Both regions rely on man controlled irrigation because of the extreme dry climate and threat of drought. Mendoza utilizes the irrigation channels from the Andes Mountains snowmelt and Valencia’s vines are irrigated through drip irrigation systems.

This bold blend deserves a bold food pairing. Try a barbeque burger topped with smoky bacon and blue cheese. Other food ideas include beef empanadas, mushroom and bean stews and beef brisket.




  • ALCOHOL13%

Super Tuscan – Italy – With Grape Skins (MARCH)

Super Tuscan, a term made popular in the 1980’s, is used to describe wines made in Chianti that did not follow the strict DOCG rules using varietals non-indigenous to the region. A blend of Sangiovese, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, this full bodied Super Tuscan exhibits aromatic notes of oak, vanilla, leather and spice while the palate punches with bold black cherry and raspberry flavours. Firm but not aggressive tannins and a long lingering finish makes this wine a true show stopper.

Tuscany Italy, where foodies and wine lovers bask in the beauty and bounty of the land. The growing season is by definition Mediterranean. Warm sunny days and cool nights benefit the grapes, contributing to the glowing reputation of Tuscany’s wines. While the land has challenged soil conditions, this benefits the region resulting in lower yields and higher quality wines loved by critics worldwide.

Pour this wine alongside signature Tuscan fare. Try a charcuterie board with prosciutto, salami, aged Parmigiano Reggiano and Pecorino cheeses
with crusty Italian bread, or a traditional pasta dish with rich tomato herbed meat sauce. If looking for vegetarian options, vegetable pasta (mushroom and eggplant) drizzled in olive oil is a surprising match, as the olive oil will cut through the rich tannins and compliment the wine nicely.



Niagara Mist Chocolate Cherry 

Available now!!!

Annual Fall Juice Sale – 2018

Back by popular demand is our Great Fall Juice Sale.   We

have several excellent producers of 23L pure Sterile Juice!!!

We no longer need to buy refrigerated juices with the urgencies of starting them today.  We no longer need to leave them in the carboy for 2 years to let them age.  Quality is much more consistent and the consumer is getting a better product.  Normally sterile juice is quite a bit higher priced than fresh but we have entered into an agreement with the producers to have a once a year Fall Juice Sale, with huge saving from the normal price.  To do this, takes volume. We need to buy truck loads and pass the savings on.  This product is available year round but only once a year at this price. YOU SAVE ABOUT 30 DOLLARS PER PAIL OFF THE REGULAR PRICE!!

ALL JUICES MUST BE PREORDERED AND PREPAID by SEPT  14th as we must prepay the producers to achieve these great savings. Pick up details are below. If you can not make those dates other arrangements can be made.

As you can see by the following offering, we have a huge variety of juices from California, Italy and Chile!!!

 Mosti Mondiale Pure 23L Juice

 Whites and Blushes

05-1900           Blanc De Chateaux© 104.95             05-1930           Pinot Grigio(I)           104.95

05-1905           Chardasia©               104.95             05-1935           Riesling©                    104.95

05-1910           Chardonnay©           104.95             05-1940           Sauvignon Blanc©    104.95

05-1915           Gewurztraminer©    104.95             05-1945           Trebbiano(I)              104.95

05-1920           Grigionnay©              104.95             05-1950           ll Veneto(I)                 104.95

05-1925           Liebfraumilch©         104.95             05-1955           White Zinfandel©     104.95



05-1800           Amorosso(I)               114.95             05-1850           Nero D’ Avola(I)       114.95

05-1805           Bourg Royal©           114.95             05-1855           Petite Syrah©                        114.95

05-1810           Caberlot©                  114.95             05-1860           Pinomer©                   114.95

05-1815           Cabernet Sauvignon©114.95           05-1865           Pinot Noir©               114.95

05-1820           Castel Del Papa(I)     114.95             05-1870           Sangiovese(I)              114.95

05-1825           Lambrusco(I)             114.95             05-1875           Shiraz©                      114.95

05-1830           Malbec (chile)            114.95             05-1880           Shiraz/Merlot©          114.95

05-1835           Merlot(I)                     114.95             05-1885           ll Toscano(I)               114.95

05-1840           Montepulciano(I)       114.95             05-1890           Valle Dei Tempi(I)     114.95

05-1845           Nebbiolo(I)                 114.95             05-1895           Red Zinfandel©         114.95

 C – California, I – Italy

  Juices can be bottled in 6-8 weeks but will be greatly enhanced by continued aging of at least 6-9 months in the bottle.

 All orders must be pre-ordered and prepaid.  All orders must be placed by Sept. 14/2018.

Pickup is Friday Oct 12th, Saturday Oct 13th   780-496-7661

Pure Chilean Juices – 23L Sterile

Festa Juice By Magnotta Winery – Chilean

Whites and Blushes      

15-1400           Chardonnay              89.95         15-1435    Riesling                     89.95

15-1405           Chenin Blanc             89.95         15-1440    Sauvignon Blanc      89.95                                                                         

15-1410        French Colomard            89.95         15-1445    Thompson Seedless 89.95

15-1415           Festa White                89.95         15-1450    Blush Chardonnay  89.95

15-1420           Moscato                      89.95         15-1455    White Zinfandel       89.95

15-1425           Palomino                    89.95              

15-1430           Pinot Grigio               89.95                                                              


15-1500          Alicante                       99.95   (NEW)15-1532     Malbec                 99.95

15-1505           Barbera                      99.95               15-1535     Merlot                  99.95

15-1510          Cabernet Franc          99.95               15-1540     Montepulciano     99.95

15-1515          Cabernet Sauvignon  99.95               15-1545     Pinot Noir            99.95

15-1520          Carignan                     99.95               15-1550     Ruby Cabernet   99.95

15-1525           Festa Red                   99.95               15-1552     Sangiovese           99.95 

15-1530           Grenache                   99.95               15-1555     Shiraz                   99.95                                                                             

15-1560    RED Zinfandel             99.95                                                                                                                                                   Juices can be bottled in 6-8 weeks but will be greatly enhanced by continued aging of at least 6-9 months in the bottle.All orders must be pre-ordered and prepaid.  All orders must be placed by Sept. 14/2018, 780-496-7661

Pick up   –   Friday Oct 12th  10am-5:30pm

                                                                               Saturday Oct 13 th  10am-5pm

Estate Brewing is featuring 2 new Limited edition kits available end of August.

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